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A number of subscribers – including a few freshly minted foundation license holders – reached out with a suggestion: instead of offering an IC-7300 at a special deal, why not simply issue a $150 voucher which could then be spent on another radio of choice? I am going to make my position clear: I can’t think of a better newcomer’s radio than the IC-7300, but fair enough, happy to oblige. At the end of the day, to us, the net benefit is the same, and to a newcomer, having more than one option is clearly preferable.

Until further notice: DXing is pleased to offer two $150 ‘Welcome to Amateur Radio’ vouchers to newcomers, who have passed their exam and received their license in the current calendar month.

To qualify, please send proof that you are indeed a freshly licensed amateur: your Certificate of callsign and Foundation Certificate both issued by ACMA.

Congrats to: Michael Glisic, VK3HSP who is our first recipient for the month of March. Michael got his Foundation license and callsign one week ago. Perfect timing! We still have one more $150 ‘Welcome’ voucher to give away, so if you are freshly minted, please put your hand up!


A new shipment of PowerGenius XL amplifiers, tuners and automatic antenna switches is on its way to Sydney. To state the obvious: we are pleased to represent a radio equipment manufacturer who is the world leader in the field of remote station automation. 4O3A: for amateurs who take their hobby professionally.

PGXL amplifier 1.5KW LDMOS    $10,990

Tuner Genius  SO2R                     $4,400

Tuner Genius  3-WAY                    $4,400

Antenna Genius 8×2                     $1,765

Antenna Genius 8×1                     $1,270

Rotator Genius                              $1,175

4O3A Headset NC-1                      $488

Headset adapter                            $55

Special offer: buy PGXL+TG+AG and receive a FREE ICOM IC-7300